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 Diptych - oil on canvas

It is so interesting how classic techniques become as a modern creativity when is among contemporary techniques, conserving the past time's beauty of the arts into our contemporary live style.


Definitely life is a turn and turn while maintaining some connection with the past and present times... successively each generation goes through the experiences already lived by others, and continues turning, leaving without forgetting the past, like a race that is followed.   

For that reason, artists need support knowledge on the experiences of antiques master artist whose nowadays are living among our artistic creations...she didn't escape from that rule as a human being, less as an artist... it's a rule, it's the live.

Following that step, she is here, known as NellysGarciart, believing in her artwork, in her humble art creation as her contribution to humanity. 



My Inheritance. Acrylic on canvas. Auctioned. Donated. Toronto. Canada.


The 20th Edition of Juried Drawings by Canadian Artist at John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto. Canada.

Geographies and Belonging Exhibition, Rotonda City Hall, Toronto. Canada.


Future: Words and Images Exhibition, North York Arts Centre, Toronto. Canada.

New Connection Exhibition, Metro Hall Rotonda, Toronto. Canada.

The New Connection, permanent mural exhibition, Lesmill Social and Services, Toronto. Canada.


The Views are Different Here, juried exhibition, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto. Canada.

Open Doors 2017 Art Exhibition, juried exhibition, Mennonite New Life Centre Toronto. Canada.

My City My Six, North York Art, Toronto. Canada.


1th. Hispanic Heritage Art Exhibition, Juried exhibition, Toronto City Hall. Canada.


Impact 2011, Juried Exhibition, Neilson Park Creative Centre. Toronto. Canada.

IX Salón Regional UNEXPO. Eco Museo Caroní, Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela.

7th Latinamerican Paint and Visual Art Exhibition. Latinamerican Seniors Club of North York. Toronto, Canada.

Auction and Art Exhibition in Benefit of HNMUN U.C.A.B Guayana.  For the United Nations.

Model of Harvard University. Painting auctioned. Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela.


460 of the Avenue Road Arts School at Women's Art Association Gallery, Toronto. Canada.

Renacer Art Exhibition. Sala de Arte SIDOR. Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela.