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Happily she has devoted herself to literature as a self-taught, in a imaginary world in which she intends to stay until the end of her days. She won the first regional and state place in narrative in the Cultural Explosion Contest Bicentennial 2012, Ciudad Guayana, Bolívar state, Venezuela, with her literary writing "Yo soy Pilar Martínez, el hombre del azabache".


She writes free poetry but the strength of her is narrative. Nowadays she is writing the book for now titled "Birth, Death and  Resurrection of a Hummingbird". She has participated in the literary groups Oriletralia (Venezuela), Poetas del Río (Venezuela), The Word
Takes the Word (Toronto, Canada).

Among others she has written:
The paths of the Indian Pedriquez. Narrative.
The butterfly's dance. Free poetry.
The claim of maternal nature. Free poetry.

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