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For me the most fascinating characteristic of Toronto is a close sample, Toronto has an unique and unexpected mix of ancient and modern  architecture, like the Royal Ontario Museum, its strongest trends is the representation of the preservation of the history and ancient architecture operated artistically and balanced with modern architecture and installations, created by the architect Daniel Libeskind.

In myself need to preserve the history, roots, the origin of human beings and nature for future generations, through art, and be part of this modern artworld, in that way, I choice mix classics painting techniques with contemporary painting techniques creating my contemporary  realism style... even in my drawings.

When I came as tourist to Canada on December 2008, I was painting and drawing with a contemporary realism style in my country, but when I met the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, I felt a sense of connection between its architecture and on that beauty uniting the antiques with the modern, conserving the Canadian history and creating for others generations.  It was so interesting how conserving the beauty of past times arts into our contemporary live style could  touch my soul, and fint the most strong confident in an identity to my art style, the contemporary realism.


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