I am a Venezuelan visual artist currently based in Toronto, as an international artist.


Working towards achieving a balance between contemporary and classic painting techniques in contemporary realism has been my lifelong pursuit, today I am living the experience trying a new message, which comes from contemporary realism, to abstract, as an evolution of my creativity, the serie "Something Happen" is just the beginning of a new step in my career, something is happening in my artistic thinking, in which  becomes a fusion among my contemporary realism and abstract, and why not preserving the manifestation of the human being on abstract?.  I paint in various formats in oils, acrylics and mixed media, using vibrant colours, quality of light, forceful brush and pallet strokes, looking for empty space.


I hope to inspire viewers to participate in fleeting and precious moments, which attempt to elevate the force of nature in space, and the secrets it hides, and the human spirit as part of nature. 

I am particularly fascinated with the power that the brain has to turn realy into an abstraction that goes bellond what the eyes can see in the environment, imagine it, plan it, and create it in art abstractly.

I first received recognition in Toronto at the “Opening Doors Art Exhibition Community Choice Award 2017” with my work “Madam from Callao Town”. I was selected as Toronto Resilience 2019, by Mennonite New Life Centre toronto.


 I am also an active member of various community art activities throughout Toronto, volunteering as art administrator and/or art instructor for organizations such as North York Arts, John B. Aird Gallery, Mennonite New Life Centre, Legacy Collective, Bernard Betel Centre, Barbara Frum Library and Delmanor Inspired Retirement Living.

I am a CARFAC member.

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