In progress

I am an international visual artist currently based in Canada, known as NellysGarciArt.

Working towards achieving a balance between abstract techniques and classic techniques in a contemporary realism style has been my lifelong pursuit. Since 2019 I have been creating abstract art as other style in my artistic expression, using vibrant colours, quality of light, forceful brush and pallet strokes, in several formats. 

I fallow in my art creation the human being soul expressions, its natural sensuality, and its beauty among nature.

I hope to inspire viewers to participate in fleeting and precious moments, which attempt to elevate nature and the human spirit. I am happy being part of the art community enriching community and its life style. 

I received recognition in Toronto at the “Opening Doors Art Exhibition Community Choice Award 2017” with my work “Madam from Callao Town” At MNLCT, and Resilient Toronto 2019  

I am particularly fascinated with colorism from the tropic where I come from, and our multicultural concepts as part of our Venezuelan’s culture, with the multicultural and rich nature of Canadian society, as well as with its arts evolution, and all what happens in the “Empty Space”, it’s impossible to separate some of theme. 

I am also enjoying how in this extreme climate, some art materials, such as oil paint, have another behavior, drying faster than in the tropics, this has been a great experience in this fast and fascinating artistic world, in which I feel that I am in, even when part of me is still in my home land, the tropics, with its colours, its nature and its people.