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Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Black, my beloved nephew, receive the blessing of whoever loves you, he remembers you and needs you like a son is needed. Last night I dreamed of you, more than you I dreamed of your skin color. You weren't here in the morning when I woke up to tell you my dream between cooing, disheveled and scratching your back, imagining you serene, happy, filling you with love; filling me with love, then I write to you, I write to you the feeling of my dream,

the same as my illusions to have you next to me.

Black are your eyes and your hair,

with bright flashes like the stars in the middle of the deep night...

Black your skin

so soft and as strong as the night...

Your soul must be black,

pure, so wide, so deep, as rich as the universe...

It is the simplest and most beautiful way to decipher that...

your black color in my sweet dream.

AUTHOT: Nellys Garcia.

Reserved all copyright.

Prohibited all kind of copy and/or

reproduction without permit.

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